Norway Expedition

Set out with us for an unconventional two-week photo-expedition through breathtaking Norway and get to know it in a way you wouldn’t experience otherwise. Together we’ll travel through the central and northern parts of the country in camper vans providing us with all necessary facilities, comfort and unprecedented freedom of movement. We will be traveling off-season, which means that we will enjoy the well-known and less well-known locations quite differently - especially without the surge of tourists.

Main photography attractions

The entire expedition is designed to help you to get to know the different facets of Norway and to allow you to take photos of a variety of wildlife genres, landscapes and city life – day and night. Living nature is represented by a visit to a bird sanctuary with the opportunity to see attractive puffins, or adventurous tracking of muskoxen that you can only meet in a few places on our planet! When traveling, we’ll visit breathtaking fjords and deserted mountains. Lovers of the northern landscape and hikes will be in their element on the northern islands of Vesterålen and investigating picturesque nooks of the popular destination Lofoten. Short stops in civilization are also planned, so we’ll visit some Norwegian cities as well.

We are experienced photographers, so we can give you advice on photography during the trip and help you bring back great shots that will be a vivid memory of our expedition. If you are interested, we can also include tips for processing and editing photos in Lightroom, Capture One and other photography apps.


How will we travel around Norway?

Camper vans will offer us unique background and freedom, thanks to which we can wake up on the spot of our next trip or hike and not waste time commuting. In Norway, it is also possible to camp almost anywhere. You do not need a special driving license for driving the van – the one for cars up to 3.5 tons is enough. If you can drive a car, you can manage a camper van after short training. During the journey, you'll need to plan the necessary service, such as refueling  and refilling water - with our help, of course. Mastering these basic requirements will make you enjoy unconventional but comfortable travel that allows you to make the most of your vacation time. The essential advantage is that you have your own vehicle and can thus disconnect from the main group and rejoin it later. Or you can extend the trip after our expedition and see Nordkapp - the northernmost point of Norway, visit Lapland inhabited by Sámi or visit Sweden or Finland.

Each camper van is equipped with independent heating, shower and toilet, comfortable beds, storage and kitchenette with refrigerator. It is possible to charge electrical devices via 12V and USB plugs (230V sockets are only available at the campsites).

The capacity of one camper van is two adult persons.

Camper under the aurora borealis

Camper under the aurora borealis (autumn/winter)

Food during the travel

The camper vans are equipped with a kitchenette with refrigerator and stove, so we will cook individually. The Norwegian shops, which we visit at regular intervals, offer a wide range of quality food. While visiting cities, of course, you can also enjoy the convenience of dining in restaurants.


The weather in Norway can be poor and needs to be well prepared for - waterproof clothing and cold weather equipment. If you are interested, we will send you more detailed information on suitable equipment. In any case, camper vans offer comfort even at low temperatures and, after returning from the trips, can be quickly heated up.

What's included?

The expedition price includes:

  • Rental of the camper van
  • Tour guide services
  • Photography consultations

The expedition price does not include:

  • Diesel fuel (total approx. € 400, paid continuously during refueling)
  • Ferry Bodø - Moskenes (approx. 270 € for the Camper and 2 people, paid on board)
  • Tolls (paid retroactively after billing by the Norwegian side)
  • Food (paid continuously)
  • Personal travel insurance (participants arrange it individually)
  • Flight tickets

Who will be your guide?

Michal KrauseMichal Krause has been a photographer for almost 20 years and currently focuses mainly on wildlife photography. His passion has taken him to four continents and numerous biotopes ranging from tropical rainforest to African savanna and temperate forest to mountains and Arctic plains. He says the cold north is a matter of the heart to him and likes to go back to the Arctic wilderness. Michal’s photographs have been honored in several contests including Czech Press Photo, Wildlife Photo Contest and Nature’s Best Windland Smith Rice Awards and he is proud member of elite group of Fujifilm X-Photographer and f-stop brand ambassador.


The spring expedition will take place from 17 May to 30 May 2020. We’ll start in Ålesund and end in Narvik.

The autumn expedition will take place from 20 September to 3 October 2020. We start in Narvik and end in Ålesund.

Individuals can extend their stay individually and drive to other areas of northern Norway or Finland and Sweden.

Number of participants

The expedition is for a maximum of 5 camper vans. We recommend that the crew consist of 2 people.


11.800 € per 1 Camper (2 persons) / expedition

It is possible to rent a camper van right before or right after the expedition date.


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